Telecom has been until very recently a company to customer driven sector, where the company decides on what the customer wants and then provide the same to him. During this time period, factors like customer demand, preferences and requirements where never considered. Then Telecom companies found that each customer has a different behavior and pattern and that they cannot be classified just on ARPU(Average revenue per user), recharge or usage as customer hardly keeps a tab on these things.

This type of segmentation helped initially but when the evolution of the customer towards newer technologies and devices started happening, these segmentations had to undergo changes. Each customer on his journey to evolution would be in various stages and his requirements during these stages would be very different and cannot be measured or understood by the normal segmentation methodologies used. Telecom companies in India did understand this,  so they started their journey on 1 to 1 where each customer gets a different offer based on his pattern of usage and revenue but here also offer classification and segmentation was based on certain behavior customer portrays. This segmentation could never understand or evaluate what customer wants and prefers.

Changing Consumer Behaviour

In the ever changing world where the consumer behavior also changes very quickly there should be products or services which would help organization to know their customer much better. In the telecom sector, each customer leaves a lot of data and these data’s can be interpreted but that needs lot of expertise as it is not possible to do the same manually. There are a lot analytical tools which help in understanding this data and make meaningful insights but all  ofthese data still don’t capture customer sentiments or his wants and desire.

Telecom companies have strong CRM solutions but most of them are unidirectional and it served the purpose of only answering or resolving customer complaints but never helped in supporting the customer in his journey. The need of the hour is a fully integrated CRM solution which knows what customer feels about the brand and what are the expectations or complaints that he has about the brand/product/service etc. This type of tool can help in decision making, providing the service to specific requirements and aid and assist the customer in his journey.

Current business and process needs a complete change and need of the hour is customer experience management products which are built after taking all these details in to consideration and helps an organization in its customer journey management process. CEM tools should listen, analyze, measure and act on various feedback after computing and going through various structured and unstructured data footprints of the customer.

Lets take an example to evaluate how these tools can play significant role in managing customer and in the process the revenue he gives

A customer of a leading telecom company displaces his revenue by 30%, the analytical and machine learning tools study the customer, looks at all the variables which has caused the customer to displace his revenue and finds the top variable which has impacted the issue maximum. So by using structured data, the tool can get a clear idea of the pattern and what are the causative agents for the customer to displace his revenue. The product also studies the customer’s NPS and finds what are the factors which has impacted the customer, due to which he has given a very bad or negative score to the brand.

The NLP combined with machine learning features helps to quickly pull out the complaints of the customer andcategorize the same under predefined categories and highlight the problem in a matter of few seconds. Now through structured data we know the displacement factors and through unstructured data we would know the reasons why the customer displaced his revenue.

It is amazing when new technologies like NLP and machine learning algorithms can help to make sense and interpret from vast amount of text messages posted by customer through SMS, Email and social media without manually going through each. The new technologies help telecom companies to be more customer focused and drive revenue even when there is tough competition in the market.

The journey to a better customer experience and engagement management starts from here.


Sandeep K. T.

Telecom Professional & Consultant

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