Telecommunications, being an Industry that is constantly evolving in terms of technology and growth, require companies to work hard to stay current. Chatbot is a computer program which is capable of conducting a conversation through auditory or textual methods. In other words, a chatbot system is used to simulate a human conversation and is often used by companies as a mode to interact with customers.

Technology based services being easy to copy, leads to a highly competitive market and customer experience management is a means for telecom companies to differentiate themselves. Here companies need to focus on every direct interaction that the customer has with the company, and one such touch point would be the company website. In general, telecom companies use their website to provide a variety of services including customer support. Customers today seek fast and efficient service and using chat bots can definitely help .

Why use chatbots?

  1. Chatbots are a great way to make a website stand out. They are still quite new, and a great way to give a website an edge.
  2. They can help give the site a human face, thereby helping the brand build trust. Research suggests that customers often build a relationship with chatbots, over text and images. In a  highly competitive industry like telecom, a strong relationship with the customer can in turn lead to better sales and lower customer
  3. Chatbots offer another way to access information on the website. Considering the amount of information that can be found on telecom websites these days, users often find it difficult to find the information they need. Chatbots can be of great help here, as they can take on the role of a human guide, helping a customer make a payment or guiding him/her chose a suitable plan.
  4. They can help improve customer experience at a lower cost. While using chatbots can be more expensive that an ordinary website, they are far cheaper than employing a customer service agent. Using chatbots can help free up agents to deal with issues that need human intervention. Studies suggest that, from a customer’s point of view, there isn’t always a lot of difference in the deals offered by telecom companies. A better customer experience can make all the difference.


Typical uses of chatbots

Chatbots can be made use of in an array of ways, like a site guide or an FAQ guide in its simple form, or a virtual support agent or a virtual sales agent in a more specialized role. They can help customers fill forms or take surveys or even take on the role of a chat room host. Although we normally come across chatbots on websites, there are other places where they can be used:

  • On Instant messaging platforms – Chatbots can be online 24/7 to answer user queries or even to generate a discussion
  • On SMS – Customers can use chatbots to get their queries answered from their phones
  • On twitter – Chatbots can not only answer queries, but they can also tweet on behalf of the company

Chatbots can also be deployed in banner advertisements, in computer kiosks or on desktops.


Benefits of using Chatbots in Telecommunications

Increase in revenue – Chatbots can assist in analyzing customer behavior and also to communicate customized offers which will in turn lead to increased revenue.

Reduce operating costs – It is the perfect way to provide a low cost and robust customer support.

Increased customer retention – Chatbots provide personalized customer service and an omni channel experience, and thereby improve customer retention.


Chatbots- Benefits to customers

Studies suggest that over 50% of customers believe in solving problems on their own without the assistance of customer service agents. Chatbots would be the perfect solution here, as they can guide the customer through the process, while letting the customer take the lead. Analyzing customer behaviour is beneficial not only for the business, but the customer as well. Chatbots can keep track of customers’ usage patterns and suggest suitable products. By providing more information about products he is interested in, chatbots can assist the customer in choosing the product best suited to his needs. Learning about the customer during every interaction helps chatbots respond to customer queries efficiently.

Customers today are open to connecting with service providers using other channels. We might have a long way to go before chatbots can be used to seamlessly communicate with the world, but the technology does have the potential to revolutionize customer experience management in telecom industry.

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