Have you made the decision to implement a customer experience management (CEM) solution in your company? Great! Getting a customer experience management solution on board is the first step to increasing customer loyalty, and in turn, your return on investment.

However, deciding on which customer experience management solution to get is not easy as it interfaces with a number of your existing solutions and will most likely create a change in your customer experience processes. Implementing a customer experience management solution involves all customer facing departments and some enabling departments to invest time and effort. There are a few things your customer experience management solution must have to justify this investment:


  1. Capability of handling Big Data

When describing big data, typically, people refer to three characteristics – volume, velocity and variety.

Big data in CEM


Volume : The volume of data being generated, on a daily basis is massive. Thousands of information bits that might not seem relevant to you now, might find their place in the customer experience management solution and help you find patterns in customer behavior.

Velocity : The speed at which data is being generated/collected is very fast, and it needs to be analyzed as soon as it comes in.

Variety : The type of data can be structured or unstructured. Eg: images, videos, survey information, conversation on chat, phone conversation, posts on social media, etc.

Your customer experience management solution is going to be a one-stop database for every client interaction that your company has ever had, and is going to have. Hence, it should be equipped to handle large amounts of varied data, and draw actionable insights at speed. If your system becomes slow every time you pull up a graph or a report, you’ll start regretting your choice of customer experience management solution very soon.


  1. Mobile friendly UI

A customer experience management solution takes inputs from every customer facing department such as sales, customer support and marketing. Recommendations from the customer experience management solution apply to almost every department in the company. As the usage matures, almost every department of your company is going to be influenced by the customer experience management solution.

Consider these situations:

  1. You are supervising a new set of customer-facing recruits for the night shift, and you would want to monitor the customer feedback from your home.
  2. You are traveling and you want to get an understanding of how your frontline team is doing.

In these and other similar situations, your customer experience management needs to be accessible by mobile/tablet, and from anywhere. When simple analytics solutions are offering mobile apps, there is no reason why you should consider a customer experience management solution that does not!


  1. Chatbots

Chatbots are the immediate future of customer support. They free up your agents from dull jobs and give them time to handle more complex issues. They also remove the uncertainty and subjectivity that humans bring into routine tasks.

A chatbot’s main purpose is to streamline the interactions between humans and services.

They are amazingly efficient for both users and brands — they cut costs for companies by reducing the expensive interactions with traditional call center agents, and they also make it easier for customers to communicate with brands, streamlining interactions. Their ability to scale is something brands cannot afford to ignore.

Make sure your customer experience management solution offers an AI-enabled chatbot, to take your customer experience to the next level.


  1. Ability to integrate with other systems with ease

If you are considering installing a customer experience management solution, chances are that you are already using several other softwares, including a CRM. As your CEM is going to interact with every other system currently in use, it is important to go for an alternative that can interface easily with your existing systems.


  1. Social Listening

Social media monitoring with CEM

This is another feature of customer experience management solutions that is unfortunately, not valued highly. While your employees are struggling to understand your customers’ mindset through traditional feedback channels, your customers and prospects are already sharing a great deal of feedback over social media. They are on social forums throughout the day, tweeting, sharing, liking, recommending and often posting negative reviews.

You might set up alerts for topics or phrases related to your brand and products. But what about conversations that do not explicitly mention your brand name? Or text snippets with a slight change in brand spelling? Even if you manage to create alerts for all these cases, how are you ever going to analyse tons of text that is coming in through social media, every minute?

When your CEM can socially listen, it leaves you with a lot of bandwidth to focus on strategy, that is now aided by valuable, real-time inputs from customers on social media. And the best part? Couple it with Natural Language Processing, and you have a machine that understands and interprets conversations, with an accuracy and efficiency you can never achieve manually.

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